About us

  • The CDN.G e.V

    The CDN.G e.V (http://www.cdn-g.org) is an association of associations, whose members are: The CC e.V.  (http://challenge-camerounais.com) The Camfomedics e.V. (http://www.camfomedics.org) The Club des amis d´Allemagne (http://www.caa-cam.org) The Koegni eHealth (http://www.koegni-ehealth.org) One of the main goals of the CDN.G is to make use of all synergies which exist among the activities of major associations of the Cameroonian Diaspora in Germany for the development of Cameroon.    

Between 2012 and 2014, the CDN.G e.V was managed by:

  • Christian Kouam, President
  • Judith Kouematchoua, Finances
  • Wendy Awa, Communication

They was assisted by many Task forces. The name of all people, who worked in theses Task forces would be published here soon.


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